Architects and 3D Artists


Enggrayani Design

Based in New Plymouth New Zealand, Enggrayani Design is a collaboration of Indonesian architects.

From the age of 13, Opan helped his father in his building business. It kept him out of trouble, and he learned, using only hand-tools, to create homes and offices, mosques, and churches. Looking for adventure, he left his home in Banjarsari on the large island of Sumatra, Indonesia for the main island of Java, where both his parents were born.

In Yogyakarta, he drew pictures of tourists in cafes which he sold to them for around $1. He met a Frenchman who employed him to source, repair, and export antique furniture. He hung around the art scene. He imagined a life bigger than he had but wasn’t sure where to find it.  

He met his Kiwi wife in an art gallery. She was smitten with his philosophy on life, his respect for women, his humour, and his cooking skills. It wasn’t until he built her a 16 m2 deck off their Wellington home, so perfect that people got on their hands and knees to study it, that she knew he was a keeper.

When building precision and art got together, it was inevitable that an architect would result. Under the inspired tutelage of Dr Ady Thahir from Triskakti University, Opan graduated in 2016. He was the pride of Banjarsari.

Following his wife’s career in international development, meant moving often and adapting quickly. In Timor-Leste Opan renovated eye clinics and set up the first picture framing business there. After the Padang earthquake he sourced materials for emergency shelters; in Australia he built decks and designed homes. In the Solomon Islands he established, with local partners, Prime Architects designing offices, apartments and homes until Covid-19 sent the couple back to New Zealand.

Design and animation

“A bare piece of land is a blank canvas. It has a story to tell and while the client might feel the story, they need an architect’s skills, knowledge, and artistry to bring it to life.”

Favouring modern minimalist styles, natural timbers, and clean contrasts of colour, Opan draws inspiration from the landscape, the climate, and from the multitude of old and new architectural styles of Oceania to design functional, beautiful commercial and residential properties.

3D rendering brings perspective to a new or modified building. The animation brings the project to life.

“Clients know what they are going to get and can add their own touches. Their frustration that the architect ‘just doesn’t get it’ fades away. It’s very satisfying.”  

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